Q3 Portfolio Performance Summary

For equity markets, the month of September and 3rd quarter in general felt similar to watching a parade in the midst of one of those humid, thick, southern days where even in the shade, you just can’t get comfortable.  Indexes ended the third quarter sharply lower, bringing many benchmark returns YTD to a negative 5 % or more. Yet just as a stronger drop in the markets appeared imminent, equities reversed course with a rally as forceful as the August/September slide.  So goes the market.  So remains the whipsaw.

Heading into the final days of October, most markets are now positive for the year, with the MSCI World and S&P500 posting returns of 1-2% YTD.  The BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio continues to slightly outpace its benchmark (the MSCI World Index); a stubbornly positive trend experienced by clients since last Spring.  If we simply hold serve for the remainder of 2015, I expect the portfolio to generate a total return of 3-5% for clients.   Currently, that is enough to keep long term returns for the BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio (5 year trailing), ranked in the 90th percentile globally when compared to peers.  Yet with October’s steep climb, Q3 results for most portfolios have quickly become “dated” – the BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio no exception. Still, for your viewing pleasure, please see attached.  BAM.Composite.PerformanceReporting.Sep302015