Headquartered in Williamsburg, VA, Baker Asset Management offers clients a fiduciary-based, fee-only approach to wealth management.   Our flagship managed account, The BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio, is designed to help clients achieve market-based returns while replacing lost income as they enter and move through their retirement years.

In the Media

Our investment research and opinions have been featured by Bloomberg, The Chicago Sun Times, The Boston Globe, Money Management Executive, NPR's "All Things Considered", and The Daily Press among others.

Market Commentary

Quarterly Performance Update


The BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio performance update for Q2 (thru June 30th) is now available.  Click here to view the PDF -> BAMRisingDividendsPortfolioQ22017

The BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio Quarterly Update


The BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio Q1 performance and holding update is now available.  BAM.RisingDividendsComposite.Mar2017

End of Year Performance Update


The BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio celebrates its 10 year anniversary and ends the year on a high note. bam-risingdividendscomposite-dec2016

Q3 Performance Update


The 3rd quarter performance update to the BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio is now available.  Please view by clicking below: Q3 Performance Update

BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio Q2 Performance Update


Click to view performance thru Jun 30, 2016

2016 1st Quarter Performance Update


Our flagship managed account, the BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio, finished the 1st quarter up roughly .50% (1/2 of 1%).  The quarter, marked by major swings in global stocks as unloved energy and commodity sectors rebounded sharply, showcased both turmoil and resilience as relief finally came to the emerging market sector.  The BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio … [Read more…]

2015 End of Year Performance


The BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio ended 2015 positive for the year, up 1.05% through December 31st, net of fees.  We bested our benchmark, the MSCI All World Index, which fell over 2% for the year. The equity-income focused portfolio has now generated positive returns in 8 out of 9 calendar years since starting the portfolio … [Read more…]

November Special Performance Update


As a special update to the BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio, I’ve gone ahead and published performance results thru Nov 30th of this year.  Performance-wise, the portfolio continues to trend ahead of its benchmark with a year-to-date return of 2.72%.   We did remove the Deutsche Bank (DB ticker) ADR (American Depository Receipt) from client portfolios. … [Read more…]

Ford’s Colony Client Appreciation Day! Saturday, Nov 7th


Stop by out booth this Saturday at the Ford’s Colony Client Appreciation Day!  Hot dogs, drinks, etc will be provided!  See you then!

Q3 Portfolio Performance Summary


For equity markets, the month of September and 3rd quarter in general felt similar to watching a parade in the midst of one of those humid, thick, southern days where even in the shade, you just can’t get comfortable.  Indexes ended the third quarter sharply lower, bringing many benchmark returns YTD to a negative 5 … [Read more…]

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The Firm

Portfolio Manager Burt Baker CIPM™ started Baker Asset Management in 2003 as a general investment advisory firm focusing on asset allocation and manager selection. Since then, Baker Asset Management has evolved into a boutique, registered investment advisory firm offering portfolio management services to higher net worth families, trusts and endowments. Our flagship managed portfolio, The BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio, stands as a testament to our investment style and capabilities. Offered as a managed account for clients, the portfolio focuses on investing long-term in companies with a history and commitment to increasing dividend payouts to investors over time.

Portfolio Manager Burt Baker, CIPM™

Burt Baker, CIPM™ started his investment career working as a trader and analyst at a Maryland-based hedge fund in 1999. Since then, he has been a guest speaker at the 2005 annual conference for the National Association of State Treasurers and has presented his research on assessing and evaluating downside risk in asset allocation models to leading mutual fund company executives.

He has been quoted through major media outlets including Bloomberg, The Daily Press, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Sun-Times, Money Management Executive, HR Benefits, Investment News Magazine and Ignites Magazine among others. He also appeared on NPR's "All Things Considered" discussing risk-adjusted performance rankings for the 529 college savings plan sector.

A former recipient of The College of William and Mary's "Alumni of the Month", he earned a B.S. in Management Science from Virginia Tech, an MBA from William and Mary's Mason School of Business, and the CIPM designation through the CFA Institute.

He began managing the BAM Rising Dividends Portfolio in early 2007; a portfolio whose performance has ranked within the top 75th percentile globally (Source: Steele Systems & Morningstar,  Time period: trailing 5 year, Peer group: World Stock).

Client Commitment

We are analysts first, investment advisors 2nd. To me, that makes us different; Different in how we view things, the portfolios we build, and how we manage our client’s wealth.

Our view is that too many competitors depart from their best long-term investment thinking in order to chase Wall Street. And they often do things that are not in the best long-term interests of their clients because they’re under pressure from themselves and the firm they work for to satisfy short-term, commission-based sales goals.

One conversation with us and I am confident that you too will come away with a different perspective on things - an improvement over what the broker-based universe has provided to you in the past and will continue to do in the future. Backed by one of the highest ranked portfolios not only in Hampton Roads but globally, we offer you an established track record of reducing advisor-related costs while adding a fiduciary-based advisor-client relationship to your wealth management experience.

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Built for investors seeking a core portfolio which targets income growth over time via dividends.

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